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The Right Team to Manage Your E-Commerce Project

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on November 22, 2018

E-Commerce is a complex endeavor – the right team will help your business grow digitally and increase sales. But who should be in your e-commerce team?

The Right Team to Manage Your E-Commerce Project

Professional Profiles

Depending on the size of your company, the available resources and the complexity of your digital channel, you will require different levels of experience. In general, your company should be able to fill these professional roles for successful e-retail:

  • Project management
  • Order management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Finance and business strategy
  • IT

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Skills for Success

When you are just starting off with your e-commerce business, you may be able to find these skills partially or grouped together – this is completely fine, if you can find a good fit for the role and scope of work

  • Project management:
    • management skills, team leadership
  • Order management:
    • time management, tech savviness
  • Customer service:
    • customer orientation, organizational skills
  • Marketing:
    • analytics skills, graphics production, copywriting, editing
  • Finance and business strategy:
    • affinity to numbers, Excel, strategy mindset
  • IT:
    • software development, data analytics, UX design

In the future, e-commerce will be disrupted by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. While AI and other technologies will replace certain roles in the e-commerce sector (e.g., customer service, marketing), new roles for AI experts will be created. Be sure to hire growth-driven people who are flexible enough to adapt to the future.

How to Get Your Team On Board With New E-Commerce Software
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