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International E-Retail: Language, Taxes and Legal Framework

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on October 17, 2018

Expanding one’s retail business across the globe is not an easy task – especially when you want to avoid the most common mishaps and grow your revenue.

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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Exporting From the EU to the US

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on July 10, 2018

In many ways, globalization has lowered the barriers to entry the US market and many growing European companies try their luck in the "free world". For a successful expansion into the American sphere, you need to avoid some crucial mistakes. 

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Topics: Bureaucracy & Safety

Keeping Retail Data Safe in the Age of Fraud

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on May 23, 2018

Consumers expect a secure experience wherever and whenever they shop – be it in the local store or via a mobile app. When operating a successful omni-channel business, ensuring the customers' data privacy and security have to be of upmost priority. As e-commerce fraud continues to be an issue, digital businesses need to implement preventive measures and develop their platforms with security in mind.

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Topics: Bureaucracy & Safety

Legal & Tax Primer for Global E-Commerce

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on March 22, 2018

Since the laws governing e-commerce are not universal, retail businesses have to consider the national and regional differences of legal and tax procedures. Although digital retail continues to grow rapidly, tax laws and regulations hinder unrestricted trade across the globe: According to a 2016 survey, almost 40% of European retailers see the differences in national tax regulations (e.g. VAT rules) as their biggest obstacle to successful cross-border e-commerce.

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The Importance of Online Security for Increased E-Commerce Sales

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on February 27, 2018

Customers expect a secure experience not only when shopping in physical stores, but also when they use mobile apps or online platforms to purchase items. Retailers need to be able to protect their customers data privacy and security, if they want to operate a successful omni channel business in the long term.

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Topics: Bureaucracy & Safety

Pitfalls to Avoid When Addressing an International Audience Online

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on February 8, 2018

With a predicted revenue of USD 1.69 trillion in 2018, the e-commerce market is booming. But in this global age, localization and customer-centricity becomes even more important. The foundation for a successful e-retail can be found in flexible, customizable e-commerce platforms that can be localized for each target country and product.

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Replatforming Your Online Retail Site? You Need to Remember This:

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on January 11, 2018

If you’ve ever replatformed your online retail site, you may have found it costly, difficult, or even risky. Fortunately, e-commerce platforms have evolved and can help online retailers to provide a unified shopping experience across all channels, without having to spend significant technical or financial resources.

This article, which was originally written for the IMRG blog by our country manager Tal Ofer, will explain what you need to remember when you’re replatforming, and how to approach it.

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4 Considerations for Setting up Global E-Commerce Platforms

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on January 3, 2018

Companies wanting to expand their business around the world with the help of digital commerce will sooner or later face the challenge of serving customers across multiple nations, languages and currencies. Scaling their e-commerce platform to meet the customers' expectations becomes harder the bigger the business grows.

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