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How Keros Realizes E-Commerce Projects With a Smart Timeline

Posted by Keros Digital Marketing Team on November 27, 2018

Traditionally, e-commerce projects take longer than expected, cost more than projected and require more features than initially planned. Sound project management from an experienced team and a clever Software as a Service (SaaS) solution will shorten the project timeline.


There are many factors that will affect the project and its outcome:

  • Design needs
  • Defined functionality
  • Client feedback
  • Resources

A Typical Project Timeline

Any e-commerce project timeline should list the most important milestones that represent the major stages of creating the website or online store. The basic key milestones of an implementation process are typically (differing based on the size of your project):

  • Project Kick-Off – 4 weeks
  • Set Up – 6 weeks
  • Configuration & Development – 8 weeks
  • Migration of Data – 8 weeks
  • Testing & User Acceptance Testing – 6 weeks
  • Launch – 3 weeks
  • Total: 33 - 35 weeks (10 – 12 months)

An Example Project Timeline with Keros

For an efficient and successful implementation, Keros provides expert project management during the whole process. This ensures a smooth process and a fast time to market:

  • Project Kick-Off – 1-2 days
  • Analysis – 4-8 weeks
  • Implementation – 9-16 weeks
  • Testing – 4 weeks
  • Launch – 1 week
  • Maintenance & Evolution – in 3-week sprints
  • Total: 18 - 29 weeks (4 – 7 Months)

What happens in each stage?

  • Project Kick-Off – 1-2 days: Introductions, internal alignment and preparation
  • Analysis – 4-8 weeks: Blueprint, solution design and project definition
  • Implementation – 9-16 weeks: Interface creation, implementation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) features, customizing
  • Testing – 4 weeks: Unit tests, integration tests, fixing bugs, user acceptance tests
  • Launch – 1 week: Flagship store launch, full launch
  • Maintenance & Evolution – in 3-week sprints: Evolutive maintenance, implementation of additional COTS features, further customizing

For the best outcome of your e-commerce project, it is crucial to establish a timeline with your implementation partner. By choosing an experience team, retailers can save time and money.

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